New single "The Good Ones" with Marie Mai Available Now

The Good Ones - Tebey and Marie Mai -  Available Now  (At Radio October 9, 2019)

The Good Ones - Tebey and Marie Mai - Available Now (At Radio October 9, 2019)

Tebey’s hot new single “The Good Ones”, was released last week via Jayward Artist Group/The Orchard and features Québec pop superstar Marie Mai. The song hit top ten on the all genre Apple Music single chart in the first days of release and was added to Spotify’s Wild Country and New Boots playlists among others.

Watch the brand new video directed by Raphael Mazzucco now on YouTube.

Tebey wrote "The Good Ones" with his friends Kylie Sackley and Matt Rogers. "We had the verse melody, and eventually started painting the picture of a girl in an old Tacoma truck with the windows rolled down. Then we stumbled upon the imagery of a broken tape deck with a Sting cassette stuck in it. After a couple hours, we decided we were actually painting the picture of a memory. The singer was looking back on a lost love, and that’s what the song became about. Every relationship has good and bad times, but hopefully it’s the ‘good ones’ that people remember" said Tebey.

When Tebey spoke to his team about options for the duet, Marie Mai was suggested by Tebey's producer Danick Dupelle & everyone agreed it would be cool to bring two music worlds together - pop & country - as the song lends itself really well to that. Marie Mai whole-heartedly agreed, and a month later the two were in studio together in the Laurentians in Quebec. The video was shot by renowned photographer & director, Raphael Mazzucco, on his Connecticut property - the perfect backdrop for the story behind the song. 

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